Healing is a Journey unique to each Individual

Providing a person-centered approach to counselling that is adaptable to each individuals needs.

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What to expect at your first visit

The person-centered approach focuses on you as an individual with unique experiences and perspectives, empowering you to use the skills and strengths you already poses in healing. The therapist moves away from the traditional role of expert and works with you along your healing journey. This form of therapy helps you facilitate change, healing at your own pace and validating your experiences. This is done by the therapist possessing three core conditions.

  1. Empathy. The therapist is able to give you space for processing. They will hear, understand and accept you as an individual with unique experiences.
  2. Unconditional positive regard. The therapist is non-judgmental towards you. You are your own expert and will not be judged on anything that you share. 
  3. Congruence. The therapist will be genuine, humble, honest, and transparent.